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Update Penguin

I posted an article a few days ago that in which I did echo the statements of our friend Matt Cutts. He said that if you are unable to get a penalty of Penguin, the best is yet to create a new site with a new domain name. This statement has not failed to unleash the wrath of the Internet and honest people who invest hugely time and money in their business on the web.
Today I come with good news or rather a good experience. Indeed, a site in the USA escaped. And it is not alone. He was hit by Penguin on April 24 (day of deployment). Then Relied Plutard one month. Look at this screenshot rather its analytics:
How to get out of a penalty Penguin?
According to the site, it would be released by a major spring cleaning. All back links are past. He says he removed half a million back links to their site. Including those present in the footers of sites have installed a template or plug-in production. Warning to not marginalize. It is a huge task which was facilitated in this case by the fact that the amendment did not require a single action. In real life, to remove or modify such a large number of links is time-consuming and more cause it the resignation of an employee.
Other cleanup actions performed
They also made ​​some more general cleanup actions which, in my opinion, had no effect on the removal of the penalty. They speak of these actions:
Remove some unnecessary links among the pages of the site
Implementation of the rel = canonical tag to set some crawl errors
Cleaning their urls in the sitemap (removal of broken links) and via new submission to Google webmaster tools
Delete duplicate tags (title, Meta  ...) reported in webmaster tools
This is not an isolated case; another member of the SEOmoz site also posted his experience. Out of the penalty is possible if you know exactly what has caused the said penalty. This is not easy!

Google Panda 4.0 Update

14 Septemer updated before the Google Panda update was August 20 Panda 3.9.1
 update is now 4.00.

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SEO Question for Interview
here is the list of 30 latest & frequently asked technical SEO interview questions and answers for the candidates who are willing to grab a new job in SEO field in the very first attempt.
  1. Which are the most important area to include your keywords? – Page title and Body text are the most important areas where we can include keywords for the SEO purpose.

  2. What are webmaster tools? – Webmaster tools is a free service by Google from where we can get free Indexing data, backlinks information, crawl errors, search queries, CTR, website malware errors and submit the XML sitemap.
  3. What is the best way to maximize the frequency of crawling of your website by search engines? – Frequently adding new, original and quality content on the website.
  4. Do you know who is Danny Sullivan? – He is a Journalist who covers the field of web search, considered as search engine guru and editor at
  5. Who is Matt Cutts? – He is the head of web spam team at Google. Read more about Matt Cutts here:
  6. What is the best criterion to identify the value of a backlink? – The authority of the domain, quality of the content on the page where the backlink is provided and then the page rank of the website.
  7. What is keyword proximity? – Keyword Proximity is a measurement criteria of the closeness of the keywords within the Page Title, Meta Description and Body Text.
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How to Optimize a Site Before Starting SEO

Getting started checklist : Here’s list of things you should be thinking about when starting to build or optimize your website. It’s not an exhaustive list, but each item will take you time to research, plan and execute. If you manage to cover them all, you’re doing very well.
Ready to get started driving more traffic to you site? We've brought together key information to help you get up and running quickly. For each of the five main areas we touch on (Crawlability, Site Structure for SEO, On-Page SEO, Content & Links) ask yourself if you have performed the task. Some of these will be easily handled, while others may require more planning and work to implement. If you hit a wall and simply cannot accomplish something on the list, don’t panic.
Move on to something else.
  • Create XML sitemaps and upload them to the root of my site
  • Ensure navigational structure can be accessed by search crawlers
  • Ensure content is not buried inside rich media (Adobe Flash Player, JavaScript, Ajax)
  • Ensure a clean down-level experience to expose content when rich media is used
  • Ensure a clean, keyword rich URL structure is in place
  • Create a robots.txt file and place at the root of my domain
Site Structure for SEO
  • Ensure content is laid out in a logical hierarchy

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    SEO Tips 
    • 1.Commit yourself to the process. 
    • 2. Be patient.
    • 3. Ask a lot of questions when hiring an SEO company.
    • 4. Become a student of SEO. 
    • 5. Have web analytics in place at the start. 
    • 6. Build a great web site. 
    • 7. Include a site map page. 
    • 8. Make SEO-friendly URLs.
    • 9. Do keyword research at the start of the project. 
    • 10. Open up a PPC account.